Submit a sample

Please read the new guidelines (as of 2018-09-14) before submitting samples.

We now provide a number of project specific Sample Submission Forms that provide detailed submission guidelines and task-specific questions regarding the samples that are needed for the CGB to process your samples. If you are unsure of which form or forms to use or have any other questions please do not hesistate to contact Dr. David Merritt (davmerri At

Address for sending materials

The Center for Genomics ad Bioinformatics
Indiana University
Myers Hall 162
915 East Third Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

Sanger sequencing services

The CGB no longer directly provides Sanger sequencing as a service.

However, the CGB (MY162) is currently operating drop boxes for three companies: ACTG, Quintara and Eurofins. Users can go to (ACTG), (Quintara) or (Eurofins) to create an account and find sample submission guidelines. Samples are collected and shipped to both companies at 3pm M-F.